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Guinevere™ Vintage Argyle Dog Sweater

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Vintage Argyle Dog Sweater

Let your dog show off their great sense of style with this vintage Argyle dog sweater perfectly proportioned for any size pup. The knit polyester fabric offers a comfortable layer against chilly winds and cool temperatures. It is not waterproof or water resistant, however. The stretchy fabric covers both the back and front for a cozy feeling anywhere. Most importantly, it feels great on your precious pooch with no tight edges or irritating tags.


The bold argyle pattern makes a big impact in chocolate brown, white, bright orange, with pale gray accent lines. The knitted cuffs and a turtleneck collar are primarily brown. They stretch easily to go over the paws, legs, and head of your furry friend with no binding or discomfort. Simply stretch the sweater, slide it on, and get ready for a walk or fun playtime in the great outdoors. This vintage-style dog sweater also makes a great extra layer for cuddles inside in front of the fire.


Choose from five different sizes from 2X-small to large. You can find the best option for any type of dog from the tiniest Chihuahua to larger standard poodles, border collies, or Australian shepherds. This dog sweater is not available in extra-large sizes.


Give your pet a comfortable and cozy layer that will last through many wearing and washings. They will feel their best with the soft knit fabric, and you will get the opportunity for many cuddles and amazing photo opportunities with this adorable Argyle pullover.

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