Dog Clothes for Winter by Waggy Pups!

Are you looking for fashionable but warm designer dog clothes for winter? Depending on the breed, your pup might really need the extra layers! Check out the Fall/Winter collection at Waggy Pups to find the winter dog clothes you’re looking for. Waggy Pups is a small woman-owned business based in Manassas, Virginia. We design fashionable but practical products for dogs with a sense of style.

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Warm and Appealing Dog Clothes

At Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia, we believe that every dog deserves the very best! You’ll feel proud to take your pup out on a winter walk wearing a designer outfit from Waggy Pups. The neighbors are bound to notice what a fashionable dog you have, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping your pet stay comfortable. The Waggy Pups dog clothes in our Fall/Winter collection will look great on your pup, while also keeping it warm and cozy even on the coldest of winter days.

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Facts About Dog Clothes for Winter

Which dogs would benefit most from wearing clothes in winter? Generally speaking, winter clothes can be helpful for puppies, short-haired breeds, older pets, and those with medical issues that might make it harder for them to regulate their own temperature.

There are some breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, that few people would think of putting a sweater on. However, the size of the animal itself is not the primary factor, but the warmth of its natural coat of fur.

A set of booties can protect your pet from hazards like antifreeze and other chemicals, which they might otherwise try to lick off their paws. Booties also look positively fetching!

Find cozy, comfortable and stylish winter dog clothes at Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia!