Dog Collars by Waggy Pups!

Are you looking for a new dog collar? Bored with the options available at the typical pet supply store? Try a stylish and fashionable dog collar from Waggy Pups! Waggy Pups is a small woman-owned business in Manassas, Virginia, dedicated to designing fashionable products for style-savvy dogs. With a dog collar from Waggy Pups, your pet will look fetching… even while fetching!

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Fashionable and Stylish Collars

At Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia, we believe that every single one of our furry friends deserves the very best! Waggy Pups dog collars are hand-crafted with durable and high-quality fabric backed with a strong yet soft webbing. The stitching is doubled throughout, with reinforced boxes and zigzags to secure the hardware. We select only hardware that looks good and works well at the same time. Our collars are available in multiple different colors and styles, including flower, bow tie, plaid, and polka dot designs. It’s designer fashion for your dog!

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Interesting Facts About Dog Collars

The oldest known designer dog collars come from ancient Egypt, dating back to before the earliest of the Pharaohs. People have been making their pets fashionable for a long time!

Sheepdogs in ancient Greece wore leather collars covered with metal studs to protect them from wolves.

Dog collars in ancient Rome would sometimes bear messages boasting of the animal’s devotion or bravery.

Dog collars with name tags date back to the Renaissance, when pet ownership started to become more common. Some of them even had padlocks, making it possible to prove ownership by unlocking the collar.

The Humane Society of the United States has a helpful list of different types of dog collar. Of course, their list tends to focus on the utilitarian side rather than the fashionable designs we sell at Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia!