Dog Leashes by Waggy Pups!

Are you looking for a new dog leash? The leashes available at the typical pet supply store can be less than inspiring, but here at Waggy Pups we have colorful and attractive dog leashes that will make walking the dog your favorite chore. Waggy Pups is a small woman-owned business in Manassas, Virginia, dedicated to designing fashionable items for style-savvy pets. With a leash from Waggy Pups, your dog will look fetching… even while fetching!

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Fashionable and Stylish Leashes

There is nothing dogs love more than to go for a walk, and what could be more fun than to stroll around the neighborhood with a stylish and fashionable leash from Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia? Our leashes are available in several different colors and styles, including reflective black, blue, red, green, and pink options. Why not get them all, so you can step outside with a different color every day? It’s designer fashion for your dog!

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Interesting Facts About Dog Leashes

The retractable dog leash was invented in 1908 by a woman named Mary A. Delaney, but leashes have been used in one form or another ever since people first started spending time with dogs. We know leashes were used in ancient Egypt for training hunting dogs.

English dogs used to be kept on leashes during the day, then released to make them more effective as guard dogs at night. “Release the hounds” was meant literally back then!

Most people probably hold the dog leash in the right hand these days, but in the past the left hand was typically used.

The dog leashes we sell at Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia are both comfortable and fashionable – a far cry from the chains that were often used in the past! People in general have been far more sentimental about dogs since Victorian times.