Doggy Clothes by Waggy Pups!

Is there anything cuter than a dog walking down the street in a stylish set of doggy clothes? The fashionable outfits at Waggy Pups will really make a statement, and you can choose between many different styles and colors. Here at Waggy Pups – a small, woman-owned business in Manassas, Virginia – we specialize in designing stylish products for fashion-friendly dogs. With doggy clothes from Waggy Pups, your pet will always look fetching!

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Designer Doggy Clothes

At Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia, we believe that every dog deserves to be pampered! Our designer clothing options include dresses, polo shirts, harness coats, sweaters, tank tops, raincoats, dog hoodies, bathrobes, hats, and more. Our doggy clothes are available in many different colors and styles, from parrot green to pink and blue plumeria. You’re sure to find something you love at Waggy Pups!

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Interesting Facts About Doggy Clothes

Doggy clothes aren’t just for staying warm in winter! They can also help protect your pet from the rays of the sun, so they’re helpful in the summer as well. Just make sure to notice if your pup is overheating.

Certain medical conditions – like Cushing’s disease – can make it hard for your dog to stay warm whether indoors or out. Doggy clothes can help overcome this problem.

Clothing can help your dog stay a little bit cleaner, and it’s much easier to wash a dog’s dress or polo shirt than the dog itself!

Of course, designer doggy clothes are about much more than just the practical benefits. They’re also about making a fashion statement and showing off your sense of style – or maybe we should say your dog’s sense of style! Look around and see what we have to offer here at Waggy Pups in Manassas, Virginia!