Dressing Your Dog: How to Be Stylish and Safe

Dressing Your Dog: How to Be Stylish and Safe

If you like to look good, you probably like your dog to look good too. It's not that your dog is just a fashion accessory, but you want your furry friend to look and feel their best. A good-looking dog is a well-cared-for dog. Making sure your pooch looks beautiful can mean a few different things. For some people, it's regular grooming sessions so their dog's coat is shiny and neat. For others, it's a stylish collar or other accessories, or even a full outfit if their dog is something of a fashion icon.

However you choose to style your dog, it's also important to do it in a safe way. Your dog can be super chic and fashionable while also being comfortable and dressed in a way that's safe for them.

So how can you make sure your four-legged friend is both stylish and safe?

Get the Right Size Collar

The most basic of doggie accessories is the collar. But just because most dogs have one, it doesn't mean it actually has to be basic. Collars are one of the easiest ways to make your dog more fashionable while keeping them comfortable too.

Luxury collars will add a little pizazz to any dog's look. Our flower collars and bow-tie collars are just two ways to jazz up your dog's collar for a stand-out look. But whether you want a collar for everyday wear or a special occasion, checking that the collar fits right is essential.

You should measure around your dog's neck with a soft tape measure (or a piece of string and a ruler if you don't have one). Add one inch to the measurement to get a comfortable fit and go up one size if your dog is in between collar sizes. If you're looking at harnesses, you can do the same but get measurements from around your dog's chest and their length from neck to tail too. An adjustable collar or harness will help you to get an even better and more comfortable fit.

Another essential thing to think about for both safety and style is the quality of the collar or harness. It should be strong and durable, like our collars with their double stitching and webbing backs. They should be able to stand up to being pulled in every direction by even big, strong dogs.

Choose the Right Fit for Clothes and Accessories

There are so many ways to dress your dog up if you want them to look stylish and smart. At the "beginner" level, you have lovely accessories ranging from bandanas to coats that keep your dog warm and dry. Then you have a whole range of stylish outfits, from dresses and shirts to sweaters, hoodies, and even pajamas and robes.

However you choose to dress your dog, it's important to get the right fit, just as with a collar or harness. You should take your dog's measurements in the same way, using a tape measure or piece of string to measure around their neck and chest, and along their body.

Any outfit that your dog wears shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Your dog should be able to move around freely, go to the toilet, sit and lie down without the outfit constricting them or getting in their way. You should avoid covering their face, especially their eyes, nose, and mouth.

All outfits should balance style and comfort for your dog. Your pup can look super cute in a little summer dress or a colorful shirt, but they should always feel comfortable and happy to wear it.

Introduce Clothes Slowly

If your dog isn't used to getting dressed up, don't expect to introduce a whole outfit at once. Some dogs enjoy wearing clothes right away, but others will take some time to get used to it. You could start with something small such as a little accessory (try a bandana, bow tie, or flower). When your dog is used to it, you could try something bigger, like a shirt or coat.

Try having your dog wear the clothes you pick for short periods at first too. They might like it for a little while but want to take it off after a few minutes or hours. Over time, you could build up the amount of time your dog wears their stylish outfits.

Observe Your Dog's Body Language

Keep a close eye on your dog's body language when they are wearing the outfits and accessories that you choose for them. It's always essential to make sure your dog is happy and not stressed out by what they're wearing. Even if you think that your pup looks sweet and stylish, there could be signs that they're not having such a good time.

Check for changes in your dog's ears and eyes, including dilated pupils, lots of blinking, opening their eyes wide, and ears pinned back. Stressed dogs might also yawn or drool a lot, pant, change body posture, or whine or bark.

Watch your dog for signs of stress and take off any clothes or accessories if you think your dog's not happy.

Keep Your Pup Secure

Stylish dog clothes should make your dog look great without preventing you from keeping your dog secure. If an outfit gets in the way of putting your dog's leash or harness on when you're outside, you might want to switch it for another.

Our dresses come with matching leashes, so you can clip them right onto your dog's outfit. Your puppy will be safe and sound, and they'll look amazing with their matching dress and leash.

When you dress your dog, make sure that it doesn't prevent their collar or harness from fitting properly. Double-check that their outfit isn't making their collar or harness too tight, and that everything is fitting comfortably.

Stylish and safe can definitely go hand in hand if you want your dog to look their best. When you buy the latest fashion items, check that they will fit comfortably and safely too.

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