HuskyPuppy NFT Collection

Waggy Pups Bow Tie and Flower Collars

Each image is a one-of-a-kind of one of our designer collars.

Vibrant Bouquet Bow Tie Paisley Taffy Flower Collar

Do you love Huskies?

HuskyPuppy No. 4 of 1024
We have the cutest collection of Husky puppy NFTs on the internet.
They’re so virtually soft and cuddly, they’ll be your new best friend in no time. HuskyPuppy No. 70 of 1024
HuskyPuppy No. 72 of 1024 With a limited run of 1024 NFTs and HuskyPuppy neck-wear features renditions of IRL dog collars from Waggy Pups, making them perfect for any dog lover!
Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else, we know you won’t regret buying one of these adorable little guys. HuskyPuppy No. 73 of 1024
HuskyPuppy No. 75 of 1024 These NFTs are not only cute but also incredibly collectable.
Own both the collar and NFT today! HuskyPuppy No. 169 of 1024

Here's the maximum number of NFTs for each rarity:

  • COMMON = 598
  • UNCOMMON = 209
  • RARE = 146
  • EPIC = 67
  • IMPOSSIBLE = 0 (yes, there is one trait that none of the NFTs have!)

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!