Collection: Flower Dog Collars

Having a floral dog collar with a collar flower is a great way to show your dog some love. They'll look super cute and be sure to get lots of compliments. No matter how adorable your precious pooch is, they can look their very best with dog collars with flower accents. Choose one that suits their personality perfectly or collect one for every day of the week. The Waggy Pups collar flowers accessory collection has amazing color designs to add style to any walk or trip to the dog park.

Every collar in this collection of collar flowers is handmade to the most exacting standards. The detachable flower has six folded petals and a center button that helps hold everything together. It loops easily over the matching collar so you can adjust the style for play or Wedding Day.

Safety First With Flower Dog Collars

The first thing you consider when choosing a dog collar is safety. After all, a collar helps you attach a leash for comfortable walks to the neighborhood and holds the important dog ID tags and contact information. The dog collars with flower accents offered here are so much more than a pretty accessory. The durable, strong fabric connects a quick release buckle with reinforced double stitching on adjustable straps and sturdy metal hardware so you do not have to sacrifice security for style.

A Wide Variety of Dog Collars With Flower Styles

Any high-quality collar can take care of the essential tasks described above. Safety is important, but you do not have to sacrifice color and glamour for it. Every dog has a distinct personality, and Waggy Pups has worked hard to make collar flowers in a variety of printed fabrics that match.

Perhaps your Maltese as a personality bigger than her stature. Let her shine with a brilliant ruby polka dot or violet butterfly print dog collar flower accent. Does your German Shepherd have a statelier air? Perhaps a classic cranberry plaid or butterscotch chevron pattern would look best for her. Explore the huge collection of multi-colored plaids, floral prints, paisley designs, and even ones perfect for holiday dress-up. Attachment accessories of matching bow ties and personalized tags are also available.

How to Choose the Best Dog Collar?

After perusing all the different styles, colors, and patterns offered, all you have to think about next is size. These dog collars with flower designs come in small, medium, and large. Also, they are all adjustable, so you can create the perfect fit for your furry friend. After all, comfort is more important than fashion when it comes to having adventures as a dog. The options have slightly different widths from 5/8 inch to 1 inch to better suit the stature of the dog you are buying for. Every breed from the tiniest Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane can show off their personal sense of style with a floral accessory.

Let your adorable pet express their own sense of style with dog collar flowers. You can transform and every day walk into a fashion experience. These dog flower collars also make amazing accessories for taking pictures to share with friends, family, and followers. Waggy Pups has what you need to show off just how cute your furry friend is while keeping them safe and happy at the same time.

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