Collection: Bow Tie Dog Collars – Dashing Style For Your Pup

Whether you are taking a walk around the block, have a fun afternoon planned at the dog park, or want to take photos for your furry friend's Instagram page, these adjustable collars with bow ties add the perfect accent. Everyone loves to see an adorable pooch modeling a cute pet accessory, and you get so much more than style with these Waggy Pups bow tie dog collars.

Choose Safety, Comfort, and Style with Bow Tie Dog Collars

When you first shop for a dog collar, you may focus on safety and comfort above all else. These qualities are essential when choosing an accessory for your pet to wear on a regular basis. The creation of our collars with bow ties begins with these things in mind. A collar's primary purpose is to attach a leash and hold important ID and contact information tags. The metal hardware used is strong enough to perform these duties consistently.

Why not add a splash of style to your precious pooch's wardrobe? The well-constructed bow ties slip over the collars easily, using an elastic loop, so you can adjust them for maximum comfort and appearance. With one or more bow ties in your collection, your dog will get all the attention they want from admirers.

A Variety of Patterns

Does your furry family member prefer stately style or bold color and pattern? Do you want to match their dog bow tie collars to your favorite outfits? No matter what your personal tastes, you can find the perfect fabric option in our wide collection. Consider one of the many brilliant plats in every color combination from classic blue and gray to the bold, bright colors of cranberry, black, and white. Maybe bow ties with polka dots or blue plaid works better with your playful pup's personality. Other options include vibrant bouquets, pink paisley, classic butterscotch chevron, and a folksy Christmas pattern perfect for holiday special occasions.

Collar Sizes for Every Pooch

These adjustable dog bow tie collars come in small, medium, and large sizes. The bow ties are also sized to match the collar. The smallest, which is 5/8" wide, fits small terriers, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and more. The medium size, at ¾" wide, is suitable for bulldogs, corgis, border collies, and others. The largest option, which is 1" wide, is adjustable to fit Huskies, golden retrievers, German shepherds, and even Great Danes. The wide variety of sizes ensures maximum comfort and safety for your precious pet.

High-Quality Dog Collar Accessories

Waggy Pups never cuts corners when it comes to high-quality products for pets of all shapes and sizes. These bow tie dog collars are handmade with the most rigorous quality assurance guidelines in place. You not only get comfortable and stylish bow ties for your furry family member, but you also get a product that will last.

The fabric used for these dog bow tie collars is strong without being bulky and covers the durable webbing for maximum comfort and appearance. Double stitching throughout helps to ensure no loose threads, worn seams, or tears. The metal hardware is attached with reinforced boxes and zigzag stitching in double lines to increase safety. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality bow ties for your dogs no matter what.