Collection: Walk - Luxury Collars for Dogs

A Luxury Collar for Dogs – Let Your Pet's Style Shine

Look fetching, even while fetching!

A dog or puppy collar and leash is a necessary addition to every walk around the block, jog through the park, or stroll across town. They offer a very important service for your precious pet's protection and comfort. Why not go the extra mile with high-fashion luxury collars for dogs complete with colorful harnesses, leashes, and more? After all, you know your furry friend has their own unique personality and sense of style. Show it off with the Waggy Pups Walk Collection.

The Best Luxury Collar for Dogs of All Kinds

Usually when a shop talks about versatile collar designs for different dogs, they mean different sizes to suit Chihuahuas to Great Danes and different buckle types and leash connectors. When we talk options, we mean a rainbow of colors, fashion industry patterns, and the highest quality, handmade fabric flowers, bow ties, and more. Of course, you can find every size here, too. A proper fit is exceptionally important for your dog's comfort, safety, and style.

Whether you have a diva of a Doberman or a Pomeranian who prefers a more proper panache, you can find exactly what you need here. Better still, choose more than one option for when your pet expresses different sides of its unique personality.

Matching Dog and Puppy Collar Options

What pattern and color scheme would your pooch like best? Perhaps you would like a whole selection so you can match their accessories to your own outfit when you hit the sidewalk or the park for a walk or playtime.

The unique button-center flower decorations, with matching collars made to the most exacting standards with fashion fabric over strong, flexible webbing. Options include everything from multi-colored florals to delicate pink paisley, happy blue polka dots, two more sedate Tartan plaids. You can find these same designer options in the bow tie style.

Perfect Matches for a Fashionable Walk

Flowers and bow ties add a sense of fun and style to your dogs everyday outfit, special occasion duds, or your next photo op. The Walk Collection from Waggy Pups focuses just as much on safety and responsible pet care as it does on style.

Each fabric-match luxury collar for dogs does more than look great. They are made from ultra- sturdy and flexible webbing approved for use with dog collars and leashes. They use double zigzag and box stitching to prevent breakage near the high-quality buckles, leash loops, and other hardware.

Most importantly, we also offer a complete line of choke-free dog harnesses manufactured by the trusted American River line. They offer safety and control, easy step-in and fasten-on use, double as a seatbelt harness, and are ultimately comfortable for the dog wearing them. Finish the entire ensemble with a reflective leash in a variety of colors that match the fashionable blooms and bow ties perfectly.

When it comes to finding the perfect luxury collar for dogs, usability, safety, and style go hand in hand with the Waggy Pups Walk Collection.