Collection: Stylish Dog Bandanas

Bandanas for Dogs

Some days your dogs just need effortless style. The Waggy Pups bandana collection offers a lot of color, patterns, and fashion without compromising comfort. Best of all, the wide range of options match perfectly with other pet accessories in our shop. Whether your perky poodle looks best in a bright ruby red polka dot design or your German Shepherd struts their stuff in a bold blue check, you will get the brightest colors perfect for playtime or picture time.

Scarf Bandana

Each silky smooth bandana is made from 100% cotton so it is easy to throw in the wash after a long day at the dog park. They come in one size fits all. The 21-inch square design suits every furry friend from the tiniest Chihuahua to a hip-high hound dog. Just fold and roll the fabric in different ways to suit different sizes. You can also use them as an added tie or bow accessory with one of our matching collars.

Dog Fashion

Dog bandanas give you the opportunity to dress up your precious pet with ease. The wide range of fabric options range from sedate plaids and Chevron designs to bold florals in green, yellow, purple, and more. A classic winter holiday motif with snowflakes, deer, and cheerful colors can help make the perfect photo opportunity too. Your furry sidekick will always look their best with a bandana accessory that never irritates or gets in the way of all their important doggie playtime fun.