Collection: Dog Sweaters

When the temperature drops and days and nights get chilly, your furry friend needs an extra layer of protection with one of the Waggy Pups adorable dog sweaters. No matter how large or small, your dog deserves to feel their very best with an extra layer of protection against cool breezes or the biting winds of winter. With this extensive collection of adorable puppy sweater styles, you can choose the perfect one or more that provides all these benefits.

Why Choose a Dog Sweater?

The top reason why pet parents buy their dog cozy sweaters involves keeping their pet safe from cold weather. Having winter clothes is all about health and safety for play time outdoors or cozy evenings inside during the chilly fall and cold temperatures of winter months. Some dogs need an extra layer especially if they are very small, delicate, or have short hair. However, even larger dogs with longer hair can benefit from the added warmth when they go outside for a walk or playtime.

Another reason to choose winter clothes like a puppy sweater or two is because they are simply adorable. If you love dressing up your dog, it makes sense to get more than one dog sweater for autumn and winter wear. When out and about, your dog will get more attention and make people smile when they are sporting a sweater of their very own. They make for great pictures worthy of sharing everywhere, too.

Different Puppy Sweater Styles and Sizes

This collection of cute dog sweaters, in a wide variety of knit styles, colors, and patterns to suit any color or personal taste. There are three main considerations before you make a purchase.

Style – Does your doggo prefer a crewneck, turtleneck, or hoodie style sweater? Do they like the best styles with open armholes or ones with slimmer cuffs to prevent cool breezes? Choose a style and shape that is comfortable, nonbinding, and provide sufficient coverage for temperature control.

Color – Our simple yet adorable cable knit dog sweaters with fold-over turtlenecks come in a wide variety of colors from classic black and khaki to fiery red or candy pink. Choose a fun pattern instead like the adorable red hearts and snowflakes, vintage Argyle, or a red plaid design.

Size –You can find most dog sweaters in a range of sizes from X-Small to X-Large options and beyond. The full range includes 2XS to XL, which covers the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Labrador and beyond. Of course, getting the right size for your dog's chest girth improves comfort and usability.

No matter what your favorite color or pattern, how chilly the weather in your location gets, or how large or small your pet is, you can find the perfect dog sweater or winter coat for them. Add an adorable spark of style that is photo-op worthy and is sure to attract a lot of positive attention at the dog park or in the neighborhood. At the same time, your furry friend gets an extra layer of winter clothes to stay cozy warm, comfortable, and healthy in low temperatures. Browse the Waggy Pups extensive collection of dog clothes and choose one or more to suit every season and style.