Collection: Doggie Coats for Fall and Winter

Whether you want to prepare your doggie for a winter adventure or simply need another layer to keep them warm every day, the best dog winter coat will help. The Waggy Pups doggie coats collection offers a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors, and prints to choose from. No matter what, your precious pet gets the toasty warmth and comfort they need with a splash of extra style and fun.

Choose a Doggy Jacket for Warmth

Although certain dogs (like Huskies and Bernese Mountain Dogs) love the snow and the cold, most breeds and mixes appreciate an extra layer of protection when they have to go out in the chilliest months of the year. This is especially important for short-haired dogs, ones that lack a thick natural undercoat, older pets, and small dogs that are not used to extreme weather.

The dog coat collection offered here has something for every pet. Consider a reversible dog coat with one side in cozy plaid jersey knit and the other in a weather-resistant layer. You get two coats in one; suitable for chilly autumn afternoons or foggy spring mornings. For even more warmth, the Polar Excursion coat may suit better. It has quilted fabric and a built-in harness for safety and comfort.

The Best Dog Winter Coat Has Style

While our assortment of plaid doggie coats spans many different color options (like pink, shamrock green, classic tan, and bright crimson), other styles of jacket offered here bring something extra to the table. When you choose one of the reversible rain doggie coats, you get bright color combined with a unique pattern like holding clouds or colorful rainbows.

Get your dog ready for the winter catwalk with one of the most unique and stylish doggie coats on the market. A burgundy wool faux fur-trimmed coat brings to mind the elegance of Victorian ladies strolling down the promenade. Other options include a black or brown faux leather bomber jacket complete with "Top Dog" or "Co-Pilot" patches. Go for something classic with a houndstooth overcoat design that comes with a matching leash. Each of these offers the warmth your dog needs to tackle the coldest temperatures without sacrificing their unique sense of style and amazing cuteness.

Don't Forget Winter Dog Accessories

Although one of the wonderful Waggy Pups doggie coats offers plenty of warmth and adorable style, you can give both a boost with a snoodie added to the ensemble. Choose from a variety of styles and colors. They will both keep your dog warm and double as amazing accessories for picture time.

Choose the best dog winter coat for your furry friend to maximize their comfort and cuteness in chilly weather. Every product offered here at Waggy Pups is manufactured to the most exacting standards of safety and quality so you and your dog can enjoy them throughout the year. All the dog coats offered here come in a variety of sizes.