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Luxury Dog Accessories for a High-Style Pup

Every dog needs basic gear to keep them safe and comfortable. How can you stop there when it comes to buying special things for your precious pet? Luxury dog accessories come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to suit the sweetest pug to the most proper pointer. Choose your favorite everyday options or by a bunch for walks around the neighborhood, play dates in the park, and picture time, too.

Waggy Pups offers an extensive line of the highest quality luxury dog accessories around. You can find everything you want and need to pamper your pup in style.

Safe Leashes Do Not Have to Be Boring

The most basic pet gear doesn't always come in the most stylish options. We don't agree. Our range of luxury leashes have safe reflective stripes, comfortable padded handles, the strongest hooks and hardware, and a range of vibrant colors that go perfectly with our print fabric accessories.

Choose Personalized Luxury ID Tags

Safety matters most as a pet owner, but why not choose a long-lasting personalized ID tag that looks great too? These diamond-engraved, aluminum tags come in multiple sizes and colors to match the leash, collar, and other luxury dog accessories. Identification tags are an essential safety option just in case your furry friend gets out of the house or yard or gets lost when chasing a squirrel.

A Colorful Bandana in Unique Styles

Add a splash of color and style to your playful pooch with one of the high-quality bandanas in a range of amazing prints. Try a cranberry plaid on your Scottie, butterfly violets on your pit bull, and bold red and white dots on your labradoodle. These one-size-fits-all dog accessories can be worn in a variety of ways to maximize comfort and charm. Simply roll them up or fold them into a triangle and tie them securely for the perfect casual look.

Bows and Blossoms for Collar Decoration

Are you ready to take a step beyond the ordinary when it comes to luxury dog accessories? Nothing could be cuter than attaching a sweet bow tie or fabric flower to your pet's collar. These lightweight and comfortable fabric accents come in a huge array of patterns perfect for different personalities, seasons, or moods. They match the bandannas and fabric collars perfectly in options like classic holiday, vibrant bouquet, peacock plaid, butterscotch chevron, and blue berry polka dot. These slip on to the collar and stay in place even when your dog runs around and plays with its furry friends.

As you can see, Waggy Pups takes luxury dog accessories seriously. From the tiniest dachshund to the biggest dalmatian, your furry friend will appreciate something special that brings them lots of positive attention and fun. Remember that all products we carry are made with the highest quality control so they will last a long time and never let you down when it comes to style or safety.