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Purple Personalized Tag for Dogs

Purple Personalized Tag for Dogs

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Purple Personalized Collar Tag for Dogs

Help protect your precious pup with one of these personalized collar tags for dogs. As a responsible pet owner, you know how important it is to have an ID and contact information secure on your dog's collar at all times. These sturdy yet lightweight, bone-shaped tags offer the perfect solution for any size pooch.

Sturdy Materials Last

You do not have to worry about these color tags for dogs wearing out or falling off just when you need them most. They are created from lightweight anodized aluminum that will not rust or bend. Each one comes with a nickel-plated steel split ring for secure attachment to your dog's collar.

Personalized Engraving for ID Style

Information matters most if your dog gets out or runs off. We offer neat engraving on both sides of these tags using a diamond rotary tool for long-lasting results. Choose from multiple font options to suit your sense of style and improve readability. Three lines of text can include the dog's name, your name, and important contact information so kind people can help get your furry friend home where they belong.

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