Waggy Pups: About Us.

They say that all good businesses start with some inspiration. Well, here’s ours: These adorable pups are Orso and Evie, who are the real inspiration behind designing our dog fashion products such as doggy outfits and designer dog collars. After all, we felt as though their bright, vibrant personalities (ask any Aussie owner and they’ll know what you’re talking about), simply didn’t align with the unexciting dog accessories you see everywhere.

When we could find cute dog accessories, they were made from cheap, low quality materials. There are a few reasons why this is bad. First, they may not last as long as high quality materials. This means that you will have to replace them more often, which can be expensive. Second, they may not be as safe as high quality materials. Finally, they may be less comfortable than high quality materials. This means that they may cause irritation by rubbing your dog's body the wrong way.

While your dog may not need an entire wardrobe to itself, having a range of stylish, yet practical accessories are a great way to ensure they always look fetching, even while fetching!

We are Waggy Pups, a female-led small business in Virginia, designed to get tails-wagging. We pride ourselves on providing our customers (and their four-legged friends) with a range of high-quality pet products. This includes:

  • Luxury collars and collar accessories, such as bow ties and flowers.
  • Pawsome clothing, such as sweaters, coats, dresses and pajamas.
  • High-quality harnesses and leashes.

What are the benefits of buying from Waggy Pups?

Whether your pooch is set to be the belle of the ball with our stunning flower dog collar, or your dogs are dressed to impress in our dog bow ties, there are many benefits to making a purchase with our company.

Stylish, well-designed products that you and your dog will love.

With our stylish products, your dog will always be “best in show”. This is because our products are designed to stand out. Say goodbye to boring old collars in muted colors, and hello to bright and vibrant ones. For example, many of our products are available in different shades and patterns, whether you’re looking for a Paisley Patterned Flower Dog Collar, or something a little more simplistic, such as our Polka-Dot Dog Flower Collar.

With Waggy Pups, you and your fur baby will be setting the trends for the season in the most wag-a-licious prints, patterns and designs on the market. This is great news for those of you who have an adventurous sense of style and want your dog to stand out (and strut their stuff) just as much as you do!

An outfit for every occasion and season.

We all like to get a little dressed up when celebrating a special occasion - and with Waggy Pups, your dog can join in the fun! For example, if you’re heading out to watch the parade on the fourth of July, you can grab your dog’s patriotic dog collar or Patriotic Dog Polo Shirt. Alternatively, you could ensure they look the part during winter holiday celebrations with our classic holiday bow-tie!

We also carry a wide range of sweaters and coats, which are perfect for the autumn/winter season. After all, no matter how much your dog loves playing in the snow, most breeds will appreciate the extra layer of protection these products provide when temperatures drop and everything gets a little chilly.

Also, thanks to our reversible raincoats, you don’t have to let a little rain stand in the way of your daily adventures (though you should be aware that dogs are magnets for jumping in puddles). Not only are they available in a range of different colors and patterns, but they also offer dryness, warmth and comfort when you’re caught in wet-weather conditions. (Don’t forget your raincoat, too!)

High-Quality products.

Our products are made with love, often by hand, from the highest quality materials we can get a hold of. As a result, they are of exceptionally high quality, despite the modest pricing. This means that you (and your pup) can enjoy these products that are comfortable, not merely stylish. After all, looking fabulous should not come at the price of comfort, and we want your dog to look and feel good at all times!

Exceptional Customer Service.

At Waggy Pups, we also pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional customer service across the board. For example, we provide you with a full-service shopping experience, whether you’re buying one item or one-hundred-and-one (pun intended).

We offer free shipping on all orders over $35, making it easier than ever to get dog fashion to your door. You can even track your order as it makes its way from Virginia to your home. If you’re shopping in a hurry, we also offer rush delivery that will ensure our products arrive in record time.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer free automated exchanges and returns. We’re also happy for you to reach out so we can make it right.

Fantastic Customer Reviews.

We’re proud of every product we sell to our customers - and the reviews show that our hard work is definitely worth it. For example, we were awarded the title of “Best Dog Collars in Manassas, Virginia” by our loyal (and very stylish) customers.

When browsing our site, you’ll also be able to read some reviews from our customers (and maybe even spot an adorable customer photo or two!). We’ve also pulled together some feedback for you to read here, too!

Great value. Love the hoodie. Have a great customer service group. Will definitely buy from them again. Great company - Sandy D.

I would swear that my mini Goldendoodle pranced on her neighborhood walks while wearing her patriotic flower on her collar. She loves to greet people and many told her how cute she looked. We thought she did too! The medium was the perfect size for her. She weighs 28 lbs. - Kimberly Jay.

Amazing quality and very fast shipment! Love the dress!!! Beautiful packaging! We’ll order more for sure!!! Thank you so much! - LuAnne P.