Collection: Spring/Summer Dog Clothes Designer Fashion

Spring and Summer Collection of Designer Doggie Clothes

Every pup deserves the best outfit for comfort and style. These designer doggie clothes suit the chilly winds of spring and the warm summer sun perfectly. Best of all, Waggy Pups carries a wide variety of different looks that are perfect for your dog's personality and tastes. Explore the whole collection of pajamas, T-shirts, dresses, jackets, and more and get ready for a whole season of fun together.

Dog Outfits for Warmer Weather

Does your small or shorthaired dog need a warm jacket or coat in the winter? Early spring temperatures can still be quite low in many parts of the country, so a pair of cozy pajamas or a fleece jacket may suit best of all. When the warmer weather approaches, however, you do not have to abandon the idea of wearing designer doggie clothes all season long. Think style and fun with a side helping of comfort and security with our wide variety of fashionable options for dogs of all sizes. Thin T-shirts, cotton sundresses, and beach-themed tank tops work well even during playtime in spring and summer temperatures.

Designer Doggie Clothes for Every Pet Personality

They say the clothes makes the man, and the same holds true when it comes to choosing designer doggie clothes for your pet. Every dog has a unique personality, tastes, and interests, and it makes sense to choose options from the spring and summer collection that suits them personally. Never compromise comfort and safety when choosing designer outfits for your dog. Every product offered here pays attention to these essential characteristics.

Does your toy poodle have a larger-than-life image? Maybe they will love to show off in an American flag themed T-shirt. Is your Labrador retriever a snuggle bug in the evenings? Consider a pair of cozy elephant print pajamas. Maybe your terrier is a true diva and would shine in one of the adorable Doggie Design dresses with floral fabric, ruffles, and bows. Each one comes with a fabric leash that hooks securely to a metal loop on the back so you and your princess can promenade to the park in style. Pattern options include polka dots, flowers, adorable strawberries, and more.

The Best Gear for Playtime Fun and Photo Opportunities

The Zach & Zoey reversible raincoats provide a very real practical benefit for your furry friend. It keeps their fur dry and staves off the chill that can still happen on inclement weather days. The Casual Canine checked fleece pajamas add a cozy layer for evening relaxation and morning snuggles. The majority of the Waggy Pups spring and summer collection, however, focuses on fun and fashion.

All of the shirts and dresses are easy to wear and absolutely adorable. They will not get in the way during playtime and look amazingly cute for snapping photos everywhere you go. These designer doggie clothes options will inspire you to build a whole wardrobe for your furry friend.

Waggy Pups has you covered with designer doggie clothes for warm weather.  Your fur baby will be fashionably stylish with designer doggie clothes from summertime stripes and solids polo shirts and new reversible raincoats to designer dog dresses. Make sure to include some fashion dog accessories.