Size Guide - How to Measure a Dog for a Harness, Collar or Clothes

How to Measure a Dog for a Harness, Collar or Clothes

Size guide how to measure your dog for the perfect fit

Get The Right Size From The Start

Your dog deserves maximum comfort whenever they wear anything from a basic collar to the most adorable jacket or outfit. Waggy Pups offers a wide range of sizes for your furry friends, but in order to get the right size from the start, you need to measure them carefully as shown above. It may take some time if they tried to wiggle and play, but accuracy matters, so keep at it until you have the chest, neck, and length measurements.

Measure for Safety

A proper fit also affects the safety of your four-legged family member. You would not use a collar that is so tight it chokes them or one that is so loose it slips off. The same rules apply to other safety gear and fashion options. Of course, you should never use an outfit made for style as a safety harness.

4 Tips to get the Perfect Fit

Use these tips to get the perfect fit for your dog:

  • Measure while practicing commands like sit and stay.
  • Always use a string or soft measuring tape first.
  • Focus on the most important measurement: neck for a collar, chest for clothes.
  • When in doubt, buy the larger size. You can't make a small size bigger, after all.

Waggy Pups has your pet covered no matter what their size. Whether your pooch is a teacup or a titan, they will love their adorable outfit, warm coat, chic sweater, or safety harness more if it fits perfectly.

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