Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?

Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?

Have you ever wondered why your dog sleeps on top of you? There are many reasons your cuddly pet pup might seek you out when it's time for a nap. Here are the top five reasons why your pooch likes sleeping on top of you.

Warmth and Softness

Your body can be a source of warmth and comfort to your little fur-ball friend. It makes sense it would gravitate to the warmest and most comfortable spot available. It might even compare the feeling to its mother's warmth that it relied on for survival when it was a puppy.

At the same time, your dog can offer you some warmth on chilly winter nights. It's a win-win situation!

The Protective Instinct

Dogs are very protective of their owners and are driven by an instinct. Sleeping on top of you is your dog's way of guarding you and keeping you safe from potential harm. While it's very unlikely you will encounter a dangerous situation while napping on your bed, it's adorable that your dog wants to keep so close to you.

Love and Loyalty

By nature, dogs are very loving, devoted and loyal. This is one major reason your beloved dog enjoys sleeping on top of you. They show their love in so many ways from wagging their tail to licking your face and also by being your companion every moment of the day, even when you are sleeping.

Emotional Comfort

Like people dogs need emotional comfort and support sometimes. Being close to you (or right on top of you) giving them a sense of security and safety. Sleeping on top of you can give your dog a feeling of calmness, relaxation and contentment that lowers stress levels and improves its mental health.

Sometimes your dog might need comfort if ill, injured, tired or feeling insecure due to environmental factors.


The last reason that could explain why your dog likes sleeping on you is simply from habit. If your dog slept on you as a puppy it would naturally continue into adulthood. Your dog may be getting heavier and it's not so easy for you to have it sleeping on top of you. But for the dog, it's not aware of the discomfort it could cause.

A Saint Bernard puppy isn't so heavy but once it reaches maturity you could find a 140-pound animal is a bit too much. Time to train your dog out of this habit that was fine when it was a lightweight puppy, but is impossible now it's reached maturity.

Babies and children should always be closely monitored when they are around your dog, including when they are asleep. While it is adorable to see your precious pooch and your kid cozied up together on the sofa while snoozing it can be an unexpected danger. Make sure your dog doesn't accidentally block your youngster's airways which could result in difficulty breathing or suffocation.

Now you know all the reasons your dog loves to use your body as a bed. Next time your pooch climbs up on top of you for a rest you will understand why. All of the reasons are lovely and show what a close bond pet and pet owner can share. Sweet dreams!

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