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Waggy Pups

Dogonet Purple Fleece Dog Hoodie

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Purple Fleece Dog Hoodie

You and your pet will love this warm and bright dog hoodie that is easy to wear, totally cozy, and even doubles as a safety harness for short walks. The brilliant purple fabric of this puppy pullover makes a big impression when out and about, and it helps you keep your eye on your furry friend at the dog park or anywhere. It offers soft and warm coverage for any size from extra-small to extra-large. The stretchy material and no-strap design suits even difficult to fit dogs.

Cool Weather

This dog hoodie has all the features of your favorite fleece shirt, too. The adorable pull-up hood keeps your pet's head and ears warm in chilly weather. Of course, it can be worn down too on sunnier days or if your dog does not like its ears covered. The kangaroo pocket at the back adds unique touch of style and maybe even a spot for larger dogs to carry along their favorite toy.

Dog Hoodie Harness

One of the highly unique features of this Waggy Pups outfit is the sturdy tab and loop to attach a leash. This dog hoodie does double duty as a soft harness for quick walks in the backyard. Although the double-stitch construction is built to last, this pet jacket is not designed as a safety harness and should not be used with dogs who pull on their leash. Instead, slip it on for an extra layer of warmth and a great stylish accent for your precious pup.